Image by Sergi Dolcet Escrig


BRIANNA (Lead): Female, 22, Asian, Black, Indigenous, Latina, Middle Eastern, South Asian, or Multiracial.

Brianna has long been the voice of reason in the friend group - the pragmatic Hermoine Granger type, who’s relied on hard work rather than natural gifts. Things can be frustrating for her - her ivy League boyfriend is making six figures straight out of college, while she’s stuck making minimum wage in the mailroom, and waitressing on the side. When her boyfriend’s best friend, Ricky, asks for their help stealing from the company she works for, Brianna must decide how far she’ll go to escape her mountain of student debt, and the mundane prospect of working in insurance.

Casting Submissions

How to submit

The first round of auditions will be held via self-tape submission. If interested in the role, please submit an audition video of the sides, which can be found here. Actors are encouraged to submit through our posting on Actors Access or, but a Google Form is also available for actors who don't currently have an account.