Vote for MIDAS!

MIDAS is currently up for a grant personally sponsored by Steven Soderbergh (Director of OCEAN'S 11, Erin Brockovich), to receive $100,000 in finishing funds, as well as notes and other support. It is no exaggeration to say your vote could help launch us to the next level!

The grant is run through the Decentralized Pictures Platform, a new platform designed to democratize film funding. It's an awesome community, so if you're a lover of film be sure to check it out! 


To vote for MIDAS, please follow the steps below (it takes about 5 minutes and is slightly easier from a computer). If you run into any issues, don't hesitate to call 860-573-3346, and we can help you troubleshoot!

Voting Instructions

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Scroll down to find "MIDAS". Click on it.

Steps 1 and 2.jpg
Steps 3 and 4.jpg

Step 3: Click “Review Proposal”

Step 4:  Click “Register Now”. Create an account with an email, username, and password. Click “Register” then proceed to Step 5, even if the page is still loading.

Step 5: Check your inbox for a verification email. If it doesn't arrive within 30 seconds, search for Decentralized Pictures or check your Spam and Promotions folders. Click "Verify"

Step 6: Click "Start Identity Verification". (If you end up on the home screen, you may need to scroll back down to MIDAS, click Review Proposal again, then click "Create Wallet")

Reminder: If you need help, call 860-573-3346 and we can help troubleshoot.

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Step 7.jpg

Step 7: Because so much money is on the line, they're very strict in ensuring each account is associated with a single person. In order to verify, you'll need your phone number, legal name, and address. Cognito Identity Verification then verifies that you're a real person (be sure to enter info as it appears on your driver's license). Finally, you will need to verify the last 4 digits of your SSN.

We know - it's a lot, but we promise it's 100% safe, and your info is not stored anywhere.

Step 8: Create a "Virtual Wallet" by signing into a Gmail (easiest option), Facebook, or Twitter Account. This involves no real money, you DO NOT need a credit card or any other info. It's just how the website keeps track of your "FILM credits", which are used for voting.

Once you've signed in, hit "Connect Now"

then "Got It, Let's Go!"

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Step 9.jpg

Step 9: Now you're ready to vote! Scroll back down to MIDAS. First, watch our pitch video and scroll through our other materials to see what you're voting for! Then click on "Review Proposal". The site asks for your honest evaluation, so give us a score as if you were grading us. A total average of 9 or above is like giving us an A, 9.5 or above is an A+! Perfect 10s are only if you feel very, very strongly.

The comment section is optional, but if you do leave a comment, please discuss what about our proposal you like most. You can leave the stake and bounty sections both blank. Be sure to hit "Next", then "Submit", then "Review Now". You should get a message that your vote is being moderated! Now be sure to complete Step 10 to finish voting!

Step 10: To double the weight of your vote, click on the "Reviews" tab, then scroll down to the latest 100% review, and give it a thumbs up! A message box will pop up, make sure to click "Like Now"

Once you've done that, you've officially voted! Thank you so much for your support!

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Now that you've voted, check out the rest of the DCP Platform! 

There are some cool contests currently happening. However, please refrain from voting for other projects in the running for the Andrews/Bernard award, unless you plan to give them a score that raises their total average. Our competitors all have great films, and no one deserves to be review bombed!

Watch the high resolution version of the pitch video below!