Image by Sergi Dolcet Escrig


JORDAN (Lead): Male, 22, Asian, Black, Indigenous, Latin0, Middle Eastern, South Asian, or Multiracial.

The lovable computer science geek, Jordan is Ivy League educated, and now gritting his teeth through a boring but well paying job at a hedge fund. Ricky, his best friend since kindergarten, has always been the devil on Jordan’s shoulder. Part of it is he enjoys living vicariously through Ricky, as he lies to girls, and chases wild dreams. But he also wants to protect Ricky, and make sure he doesn’t get into too much trouble. When Ricky tries to recruit him for a heist that could change their lives, Jordan is caught between his best friend and his girlfriend.

Casting Submissions

How to submit

The first round of auditions will be held via self-tape submission. If interested in the role, please submit an audition video of the sides, which can be found here. Actors are encouraged to submit through our posting on Actors Access or, but a Google Form is also available for actors who don't currently have an account.