Spotlight on a Rapper
Image by Sergi Dolcet Escrig


RICKY (Lead): Male, 22, Black or Latino

Naturally handsome with a charming smile, Ricky is a smooth talking entrepreneur with a chip on his shoulder. He’s determined to succeed, even if it requires a few white lies along the way. He’s spent the last three years helping his mother after she got sick, and when he sees an opportunity to steal from the insurance company that denied her coverage, he recruits his two best friends for a heist that could change their lives. Ricky’s cool confidence and ambition will be challenged when he makes a shocking discovery, forcing him to choose between money and morals.

Casting Submissions

How to submit

The first round of auditions will be held via self-tape submission. If interested in the role, please submit an audition video of the sides, which can be found here. Actors are encouraged to submit through our posting on Actors Access or, but a Google Form is also available for actors who don't currently have an account.